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1st My BIO

Steven William Casebeer

Born: Klamath Falls, Oregon  ~  10/12/1954


Steve grew up on the generational family 500 acre farm in Bonanza Oregon and became quite the innovator, inventing drying agents with storage guards for his alfalfa he shipped largely overseas. Among other inventions where stroke counters on his balers to keep bales consistent while increasing output and dew alarms to allow for maximum sleep while not missing optimal night-time baling hours. Steve also spoke in 5 western states about these high-tech haying methods. 

Following in his fathers footsteps as Mayor of Bonanza Oregon for many years, Steve served 12 years on the Bonanza city council creating ways to save the 1500 Bonanza Big Springs (Native meaning Water Plenty) outlets and Aquifer, the sole water source for the town from deliberate pollution by the local irrigation district. After a 15 year battle with the United States Bureau of Reclamation and HID, that natural resource is now safe and protected for generations to come. 

2017 Founder of the Church of Common Sense currently building 4 websites including Common Sense Wellness online to teach the lost art of Self-Care and all the elements it requires to find and maintain inner balance, health and longevity. Our sponsorship program creates global home-churches sharing one-on-one the miraculous benefits of a Plant Based Diet. We are Divinely Designed Organic Raw Vegans; when we stray from that LifeStyle we experience illnesses.

Steve is also creating a Native American Church ‘Guardians of the Sacraments’ to offer perhaps the most important modality in Health and Spirituality, All our God given Sacred Gifts Grown from Mother Earth. Steve’s last creation was GodMed Cannabis Capsules & GodMed Synergistic Herbal corp. which sadly became collateral damage of the Bay Area drug war in late 2011. After losing everything Steve spent years near and in the wilderness BEing Given the Vision of the Churches to provide Common Sense Affordable Healing to the Masses. 


Steve is currently Single, living in a 1999 24’ RV on Disability, 

Parking where He can, the Father of 3, Grandfather of 4.


Testimony of Steve ‘GodMed’ Casebeer. Simply stating the Common Sense Spiritual, ‘Religious’ and Mainly Health related conclusions I have reached, and why I Am Ecstatic to share this Knowledge with the World. Please read with an open mind and take no personal offense. I’m only sharing what I and millions have concluded through our exhaustive Common Sense Research in Efforts to Heal and Unite Our World...

I mean not to Upset, Offend or Insult. Simply to Raise Conscious Awarenesses.

What Needs to Be Said be Said, What Needs to Be Heard be Heard🙏

In Today’s Society with all the Organic Live Food Choices the Simple Fact Is: 

Dis-ease is Primarily (95%) a LifeStyle Choice; Perfect Health is a Divine Right!!!

Since I am Pastor Steve ‘GodMed’, Praising All God’s Organic Earth Based Foods/Medicines and Body by Divine Design I guess I’ll start here. It’s more than a little confusing/frustrating and quite frankly breaks my heart to see such God Loving and Serving Christians poisoning themselves daily by what they consume. What we Eat, Think and Do is Critical to Our Health, Happiness, Longevity and the level at which we can Serve Others, as is All Our God Given Mission. One only need to look around at what’s served up at the average Church Social to see why there’s such a large percentage of illness within the Christian Church and throughout much of Our World. First of all,,, the Average Western non-Organic Annual Diet has 14 pounds of Chemicals plus Hormones! Then there’s Makeups 5+#’s, (Lipsticks 4-9#’s) and don’t forget mans often deadly annual pounds of pharmaceuticals drugs! {These 13 Corporations Are "Big Pharma": Their History, Crimes, and Products} How can people that Honor God sooo much yet deliberately Dishonor the Earthly Temple of Their Eternal Spirit as they often do? We Are Divinely Designed Raw Organic Vegans, as is Perfectly Illustrated in the Garden of Eden!!! {Humans: Are We Carnivors or Vegetarian by Divine Design?} A frustrating aspect is the average Christian blindly believes that in praying over their ingesting Addictions, it miraculously becomes the perfect substance Their Temples are requiring. That is miles from the Truth, they are slowly and deliberately poisoning themselves, then wondering why they get sick; just look around Churches and Society in general (42% obese) to see my point. Turning the responsibility of ones health over to doctors mandated to handout Drugs instead of a Divinely Designed Diet in my experience is simply crazy. God Says, Heal ThySelf! The vast majority of western doctors are only taught to treat symptoms and choose from a list of drugs and/or surgeries, not in treating the underling causes; while having nearly zero education on Organic Live Nutrition. Our Bodies are The Smartest Doctors on Our Planet if only We Fuel Them by Divine Designs; That’s Organic Live foods Grown from God’s Great Earth!!! FYI: God did Not Design Humans to Consume Flesh either {Are Humans Omnivores, Carnivores or Herbivors?? 10 min YouTube}, let alone to Not have Compassion for the 70 billion suffering animals Slaughtered each year just to feed humans tastebuds, misguided habits and traditions; if Non-Organic putrefying flesh, it’s also permeated with chemicals and hormones. Everyone can go to the ChurchofCommonSense.Life home page and the Biblical Health tab to obtain knowledge of how We Are Divinely Designed to Fuel Our God Given Bodies. By Example, Do We Not Owe God Our Very Best in All Areas of Our Lives? FYI: Church Statement of Faith. Respecting our Bodies as God Designed them in my opinion is one of the uppermost ways to Honor Our God, while BEing in Optimal Service to Others. Not to mention it eliminates over 95% of All Illnesses on Our Planet, the way God intended; as is covered in detail in Church videos and links provided. I have always been driven to work long and hard to make things simple and repetitive, as I have done my best to present at these Churches I’ve Been Led to Create. I’m simply sharing Jesus/Yeshua’ Teachings of: Unconditional Love and Forgiveness, Compassion and Healing, to further Heal & Unite Our World as God Directs My Heart.

I created GodMed Cannabis capsules after what this Miraculously Healing Plant provided me and for my families financial needs. I was healing people from Crohn’s and Chronic Pain to Cancer with Organic Raw Whole-Plant Cannabis, but then became collateral damage of the Bay Area drug war in late 2011 and was forced to return home. During 2010-2011, BBChurch BEing obviously Indoctrinated against Cannabis, {Arguably the most healing God Given plant on the planet. Treating at least 264 Aliments by simply Modulating our own EndoCannabinoid Systems. The most critical system in our bodies, balancing all other systems and primarily responsible for Homeostasis within our bodies} said I should talk more about Jesus and less about Cannabis. Even after it watched me transition off $2000 a month in chemical meds for Bi-Polar, PTSD, T-12 40% compression fracture, chronic back-pain, etc. for Ingesting 2-3 grams daily of Raw Cannabis. When people asked how I was DOing, instead of answering I’m hanging on by my finger nails while on mans potions, I proclaimed I feel like a teenager again, still wear my high-school ring as a reminder. After all, I was selling God’s Medicine and saying how ingesting the whole-plant  simply reboots the body back to Manufactures [God’s] specs. From March to August I reached an estimated $100,000 in annual sales until Obama went back on his promise not to interfere, which is exactly why I felt safe to start GodMed Cannabis capsules in the 1st place!! Destroying me, my business and my hopes and dreams (to help my son in dire need) by Thanksgiving 2011. When 1st arriving home after becoming collateral damage of the globalist insane drug war I went to see my Pastor, crying poured my heart out, what did I receive in return? More condescending judgement, a prayer and a post-it note of where I might find a box of food. The Pastor I had done everything with for years while watching him become head Reverend; his home is landscaped with several pickup loads of rocks from our ranch. Needless to say I wrote him a letter of what a farce he turned out to be and have not been back; I will though soon enough because all in the Church And World needs this Common Sense Knowledge.

After loosing everything I had a 2nd nervous breakdown, could no longer provide so I committed suicide by taking all my old medications, 80 or so (3x enough to do the job), chased it with a 6-pack, crossed my arms, laid in bed like a casket and all that happened was I lost a day. Totally believe I died (great story for another day, my spiteful lying estranged eldest daughter from my 1st marriage confirmed it through a phone call) but God was obviously not done with me yet for the Mission Now Before Me. It’s the only reason that makes any sense as to why I’m still alive!!! Subsequently I was voted off the island by my family that did not take my breakdown well. I then spent nearly 4 years alone in the wilderness living on food-stamps once a month, walking the wilderness, meditating by streams and mountain tops becoming one with it All as it were, even manifesting miracles (another great story). I listened to classic audio books like In Tune with the Infinite [God] by Ralph Waldo Trine‼️, Self Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson, As a man Thinketh by James Allen, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles and where it all began years earlier, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I learned through them that our thoughts are forces (an element of Quantum physics I speak of), connecting directly to Source God, which science is now proving in so many ways (I love it when 21st century science catches up with what the ancients have always known); again research shows we are much more than we’ve been led to believe. I was able to watch tv curtesy of a coffee roaster in the next RV spot during my wilderness years near Agness OR. I started watching Health channels, Yoga channels where I discovered how out of balance my body was from a 1970 football injury and something I now do daily; which in large part is responsible for my physical agility and strength. I started listening to podcasts of Wayne Dyer and many others. One called Shamanism Now was a large part in the development of my Native American Church. I was also listening or better yet watching live whenever I could Joel Osteen; who I pray to partner with at some point. 

Then I stepped out in Faith early 2015 to go see a California Cannabis Doctor to be president of my Native American Church, Guardians of the Sacraments (which science is now showing the vast benefits of God’s Cannabis/Hemp and even Mushrooms). Dr. William Courtney is on record of healing the youngest child with brain cancer, using Cannabis. He agreed to be president but just not yet because the legality was not quite yet solidified. When I stepped out in Faith I only had money to get to Doc Courtney and on my way there I was notified he was sick and could not see me for 2 weeks and,,, God stepped in again. When I started my GodMed Cannabis capsules I had went to an event known as The Emerald Cup and in 12/2010 was interviewed by the local public radio station. Not knowing what to do I call this DJ up and he came and rescued me, giving me rides and housing. On the way back from the bus stop to his house we pass the place I debuted my capsules at and the owner at Area 101 just happened to be outside; 1st meeting. By the 3rd meeting he hired me to work at his Spiritual Sanctuary/Cannabis grow: he created the Emmy’s of Cannabis competitions The Emerald Cup. I worked there 2 years meeting people from around the world from all Faiths while I was groundskeeper etc. This presentation of the Possibility that We’re All Praying to the Same Benevolent God was Instrumental in me forming the Church of Common Sense.  Because it also,,, Simply Makes Sense… Before I stepped out from Agness in Faith I had nearly given up on ever seeing my family again, so in pain I reapplied for SS disability. I nearly had been approved before but I canceled because my Cannabis capsules had more or less healed me. I applied and was approved when I was finally able to purchase my RV Beatrice and become mobile again to go see family. See my Daughter was less that 4 hours away during my wilderness years but failed to come to visit. My eldest Granddaughter and I were soo close and I was forced to leave just before my 2nd Granddaughter was born. Was quite the 1st meeting after more than 5 years to say the least. My Grand Girls Love me sooo much my Daughter and I are rebuilding our relationship too. Still on great terms with 2nd x-wife; think she’s a bit guilty from divorcing and kicking me out after my 2nd breakdown. She was so worried the law would come after everything we owned so in 2011 I said, divorce me to keep everything safe, I didn’t realize the ending results.

     I never understood how people with family could be homeless, Now I Do…

 Since leaving Cali. in 2017 I’ve been mostly researching and building these churches. 

{ FYI ~ In the 5th grade I was beating my teachers in math. They found out I have a  genius IQ but did nothing to help me understand what that meant or how to handle it. I can see mathematics and schematics in my minds eye is how I beat my teachers with a college level IQ. I’m an input freak and so with this internet thing anything one thinks can be researched within minutes. You can ask my x, anything I look into, I find the best most Common Sense Simplistic and Efficient way to do it. It’s just how my mind works, as I have done with my extensive Health and Spiritual research recently. }

Inquisitive minds want to know: Why does the Bible refer to God only as Him?

Does Not Our All Encompassing God Have To Be Equally Masculine AND Feminine?

The question has been raised: do I have something against the church? Maybe a little; but it’s not against, it’s more of an Awareness Issue of An Indoctrinated Mindset.

I’ll just say that I’ve done the whole Christian Church and Scripture route for decades after a 1980’s 12-step program for alcohol abuse and subsequent Baptism. {Where a lady closed in Jesus name and not long after I joined my local Community Church in Bonanza. Shortly after joining, in the shower I felt the overwhelming presence of my Mom who had died at only 33 of cancer when I was only 6 weeks old.} My favorite is the NASBible because it incorporated the Dead Sea Scrolls (as do I also at my Church of Common Sense ~ Jeshua tab). Church Sundays, Socials, Wednesday studies, men’s Bible studies, gave Testimony at men’s business meetings, missions trips to Mexico, men’s retreats, couples retreats, kids camps I led for my 2nd & 3rd offspring throughout their school years at Triad Christian Academy, donated and worked many years at Mountain Lakes Bible Camp, donated $1000’s and $1000’s to the largest church in Klamath Falls for computer systems, software and much more, in charge of BBC video production and presentations, church maintenance man for years, etc. I housed a young lady run over by an 18 wheeler {led to my 1st breakdown exacerbated by my spiteful eldest estranged daughter from 1st-x creating lies that soon made me a sexual threat to my son age 16, and the whole road that followed; another story for another day} that was being molested by the 2nd in command of our BBChurch and was able to help her receive a large settlement, on & on & on…

So much more to the story but,,, what good did all that time, money, commitment and devotion to the church and it’s members really do for my Son, sitting in prison for murder because of the lies of a woman in panic (tragic story is a whole other testimony), myself or my family, not much eh? And to boot, my youngest daughter left home just before her graduation at Triad Christian Academy, got married and her parents weren’t even invited to the wedding. Didn’t see her again till it looked like her marriage was failing, which sadly did after 2 children with a perfect home and lifestyle. She had scholarships to go to a Christian college in SoCal and threw us and it all away. So much for the very best in Christian up bringing money can buy. Church can be great place to be for most, I always enjoyed my time there; as long as one doesn’t step outside the indoctrinated status quo that is. If only I knew then what I know now.

It’s been said I’m come off as intolerant of Christians. That’s not it at all. I simply wish them to have an open receptive mind and when they adamantly disagree, which is often the case, to go do research outside of the pages of their Bibles as I have. It seems to me most Christians are mostly listening to respond and recite Scripture, not to listen and learn what I whole heartedly feel and have extensively researched; which is so Vitality Important for Their Divinely Designed Health, Happiness and Longevity…


False doctrine just because my proven research and experiences differ slightly from the typical Christian view is like the pot calling the kettle black. We can look at the Inquisitions, Witch Trials, what was done to the Natives across the Americas and elsewhere around our world. All based on Biblical views, in the name of Christ Jesus exemplifies the hysteria and erratic unsubstantiated devotion ‘Religions’ in general can create, let alone continued global division; but that IS The Mission of the Globalist Elite: example {Georgia GuideStones for their plans to eliminate all but 500,000,000 people on this planet}. To me the church in general has become much like what we’re witnessing in 2020 with all those devoted to Bernie Sanders; misguided and misinformed/uninformed, yet 1000% committed followers. Step back and see how answering everything with Scripture from a book that was written decades and centuries after the fact, has been vastly edited, deleted and generally manipulated over the centuries is so limiting, narrowly focused, and is displaying little Common Sense in my opinion. Simply research who King James of the KJV Bible was, he was likely a masonic illuminati with the mission directive of world control and domination. The fact that Christians claim to be the only ones on the planet to have the only correct knowledge of God and everyone else is going to hell, in my view is not only hugely incorrect but a condescending arrogance displaying an indoctrinated ego the size of a hot air ballon with about as much substance; forgive me for BEing blunt. It certainly does not demonstrate the Inclusiveness Jesus taught but, something quite the opposite. Ask yourself why if Jesus said We Could Do All the Miracles He did and More, Why Aren’t We? Why were those under Jesus direct teachings able to heal but shortly after His ‘Ascension’ that ability was seeming lost continuing to today? A Video on the church main page shows, in Real-Time a 3×2.5 centimeters tumor disappearing in 3 minutes in a medicine-less hospital in China, by 3 people with Focused Thought, Intention and Emotion. Seeing the person as whole and perfect, not diseased and ill; Exactly how Jesus taught His Disciples to heal others; Quantum Physics, God’s Energies We All have Access To as Jesus clearly stated in John 14:12. One reason Churches are not Healing as Jesus Taught is in this video Two Key Removed Bible Verse' Show HOW To Manifest Desire And Have Prayer Answered  reference John 16: 23-24---26. Since this proves without doubt from the Original Aramaic, not only how Jesus Taught to Heal but more important the undeniable fact the Bible was indeed edited. Removing 2 key verses that shows us exactly how to actually heal and receive what we pray for. How much of the rest of the Bible is, let’s just say less than Complete, Factual or Accurate? What if after all those translations over the millennia’ just one more letter and word were different? NASB John 14:6 No one comes to the Father but through me,,, What If what Jesus actually said was: No one comes to the Father but through MY Teachings and that’s exactly what I’m talking about!! Same with John 14: 12-16 now proven to be translated less than accurately, misrepresenting Jesus’ Actual Teachings? Not that I’m saying praying in Jesus name is inappropriate, not at all. I simply hope to stimulate others to step back, think about it a bit and hopefully see the ‘Common Sense’ it all makes, and to go do their own research as I have. Much of that research I have already provided here and at 3 of my 4 websites. I have always worked long and hard to make things simple and repetitive, still the case here. Are we not to Be Like Jesus as a Living Example to Our World? I’m simply DOing my Best to Do so. As I always say: I’ll Do My Best, God’ll Do The Rest; Humbly Emulating the Original and Simple Teachings of Jesus: Unconditional Love and Forgiveness, Compassion and Healing.

In DOing so Prayerfully furthering God’s Health-Plan and in Uniting Our World…

Question:  Does an All Loving God sending all who do not do as the Bible dictates to suffer and burn in hell for all eternity make any sense at all, other than in producing the intended fear throughout the church to do as told or else? There’s just one of the points of confusion that frustrates many regarding religions in general, they are usually used as a means to a,,, let’s just say a less than Benevolent outcome. But that type of fear and hence control presentation does fit the millennia old globalist illuminati ‘deep state’ agendas and narrative perfectly, solely to keep their divide and conquer going?

Not to offend or diminish all the great things that are in the Bible but, in mine and other opinions quoting Biblical Scripture with little scientific, historic or global knowledge of what we speak is fairly insulting and arrogant to those of us who have done the research, and can see through the Dogma of millennia’s of ‘religions’. 

It’s been insinuated that I do not really know Jesus because my views differ from the standard church view as laid out in their latest biblical translations. Come on Christians, as in Sister Act says, wake up and pay attention. Why would I have 4 web pages stating exactly my thoughts and research about Jesus/Yeshua? Why would I have a 2’x3’ tapestry of what I truly believe to be the face of Jesus painted by 8 year old Akiane hanging in my RV? Besides BEing my place I have daily conversations Face-To-Face so to speak with arguably the Greatest Teacher ever to Bless Our World? Why would I be proclaiming Jesus’ simple teachings of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness, Compassion and Healing to All Humanity? I mean no disrespect but in my blunt opinion, indoctrinated uninformed and misguided ‘Bible thumping’ Sheeple People Christians do Not possess the sole access and Righteous opinion to Jesus and the All that IS Source God. Again, what if all Christendom has been misinformed, misguided deliberately & malevolently; What If We Are Indeed All praying to the Same God? Was Not Jesus here to Unite Our World taking His message to the Jew and the Gentile…, (as I am DOing my very best to follow Jesus’ lead, Awakening and Uniting Our World), Not to divide Our World as ‘religions’ have obviously done!?! Which again simply makes Sense similar to the hidden book of Thomas in the original Aramaic, besides proving the Bible was manipulated removing no less than 2 verses in the 3rd century. It also speaks truths about Reincarnation, making much more Sense than just one lifetime of earthly experiences; that alone would Unite Much of Our World. Much of Jesus’ message was to make it clear one does not need to go through church or man, but All can access Our God Directly anytime anywhere through Individual Prayer and Supplication? After morning Meditation, I listen to the 9 Healing Tones and/or Affirmations, I hug myself in Gratitude to God each morning and thank my 10’s of trillions of cells for simply DOing their God Given nature, as I begin my stretching, yoga and workouts. God knows our Hearts Intentions and Emotions by the frequencies emitted from Our Beating Heart’s electro-magnetic production, and through that direct connection to God. Prayer is Great, God and each of our 10’s of trillions of cells are listening!! Here’s where quantum physics kicks in and perfectly explains Jesus’ Divine Healing. I could go into how each of our 10’s of trillions of cells are guided by a Biophoton, once a photon from the sun, each cell having 100,000 chemical reactions per second, communicating at near light speed down 26,000 miles of our Neural-Pathways providing us with near instantaneous thought and movement. Just one example of how Miraculous our God Given and Designed Bodies are, in Spite of how we often abuse them by what we choose to ingest. Simply what my in depth research and Common Sense dictates, please do your own with an Open Mind utilizing Common Sense and of course, ample amounts of Discernment…

Because of my extensive Common Sense research I find zeal and take great comfort in BEing on the right side of History. For whatever reason I am sometimes given insight years before my views are accepted as fact. A couple examples are my 12 year Bonanza city councilman fight, at year 15 the OWRD stepped in and imposed twice as restrictive guidelines as I had proposed more than a decade earlier, that saved the Bonanza Big Springs from annual contamination by the local horsefly irrigation district river mismanagement ~ to my healing Cannabis capsules I created in 2010 which others are just now starting to see and utilize the vast benefits of eating raw Cannabis/Hemp, the way God designed us to ingest it with all 528 molecules working synergistically better. And why I strongly suggest people ingest a little most everyday.


It seems to me that Christians in general feel they must demonize other Faiths and Spiritual practices without taking time to research and understand where they are coming from, including historic events and research behind such views. In my opinion, the opposite of the Inclusive Teachings of Jesus I do my best to emulate. Just what if: We are indeed All Praying to the Same Benevolent God but have been misdirected?


Why does the church not focus on Jesus saying We All have His Power and More if only we choose. Research and learn how to? I am here in this physical body as an extension of God which is flowing to me and through me at all times. Since Jesus was the Son of God, therefore by Jesus’ statement that We All Could Do His Miracles and Greater Directly Implies, We Are All Sons and Daughters of God Also!!! Once again our inclusive Jesus making bold Common Sense forever impactful statements. I brought these points up at a 4 square church I stayed at for months in early 2018, instead of discussing doctrine etc. with little results. That’s the 2 missing verses I discovered were deleted in the 3rd century from John 16: 23-24—— that’s been laid on my heart to bring to Light to God’s people, sharing how Jesus actually was teaching us All to Heal and Manifest. Again, Jesus said not me that heals but the power of God that flows through Me; which We Always have access to if we’re only informed how. That’s what I feel the church should be much more focused on and in DOing so would truly bring back the Healing Power of Jesus! That and of course the truth about Jesus BEing a Strict Essene Vegan, shows us how to properly eat, thus avoiding 95% of all illnesses in the 1st place. Which is of course My Main Mission after all: Fuel the Body by Divine Designs. Everyone has seen the average western diet of death served up at church socials and household dining tables; non-organic often highly processed, putrefying acidic flesh main dishes, acidic sugary desserts, acidic soda pop drinks, etc.!! If the church exhibited even a little Common Sense at all, they’d start by teaching their body of Believers how to Fuel their Bodies by Divine Designs; Emphasizing the fact our bodies Must maintain a PH/Cellular Voltage of 7.365/-22 Millivolts which is directly affected by what we choose to ingest. Cancer thrives in a fermenting sugar acid environment, it can not survive in an alkaline body and can even be eliminated by spiking blood ph above therapeutic levels of 8ph. By measuring ones morning PH levels people can tell if they correctly ate and drank the day before; when inflammation starts (below 7ph cells switch to positive millivolts), even when you will expire just by ones PH. Why is fasting no longer practiced for Health and Spiritual reasons as in days of old? After 1 day of fasting HGH & Autophagy begins where the body starts to recycle less than perfect cells like cancer, as does both intestinal musculoskeletal Stem Cell production and a complete Immune reboot begins, by day 3 these factors are in full swing and it’s even been reported around 9 days cancer is eliminated. These are just a few of the reasons I’m so passionate about what I speak.


I’m not saying I can instantly heal yet, but I did heal my torn right rotator-cuff that can only be fixed through surgery. Yet my Thoughts, Intentions and the Slight Touch of an Angel, I am totally rebuilt without surgery!! There are many many stories like mine of healing, it’s nothing new. By my change to a Healthy Organic Mostly Vegan Raw Lifestyle I have rebuilt my bodies cellular structure with the very best. Our cells replace themselves often and after a decade mine have all been rebuilt with optimal nutrition and that’s why I’m in the best health of my life at 65!! Quite simply,,, I took personal control, quit poisoning myself and started ingesting mostly by Divine Designs. In DOing so providing my body, The Smartest Doctor and Best Healer on the Planet the means to simply Heal Itself.  That’s our bodies job, to maintain Homeostasis Within!!!


Jesus Walked the Americas after Ascension Parts 1-18 Videos; copy/paste into YouTube.  Native Stories of Jesus after Ascension at Gaudians of The Sacraments/Yeshua


Research The 13 Main Families of the Illuminati that have controlled the world for centuries who’s goal is to keep people divided, living in fear and under their control. Evil illuminati globalist deep state rulers don’t want people capable of critical thinking, they want workers just smart enough to run their machines but not smart/researched enough to understand how bad they are BEing taken advantage of. Research the Fake Federal Reserve and the Rothschild family that created and controls the fed and all central banks around our world {The Rothschilds, The Federal Reserve and Sooo much more}, and why the United States in the past declared wars against countries that were not part of their system. Those same banks and bankers have financed both sides of every war since the Napoleonic wars, It’s What They Do!!! Research why DC their war machine, London their financial machine and the Vatican their Spiritual machine are All Independent Nations of their own? Research why state and federal offices display an American flag with Gold Fringe,,, because these United States are Not under Biblical Common Law as mandated in our Original Constitution!! Research from the Act of 1871 forward to discover there are actually 2 United States Constitutions, The United States Is a Corporation, US Treasury in Puerto Rico, 9/11 Truths, etc! Look into your ‘Strawman Account’ Birth Certificates are actually your Social Security Accounts BEing traded on world markets! Name in All Capitol Letters.


But something happened the globalist weren’t planning on, The Internet,

which is Waking Up an Entire Globe to the many many Purposely Hidden Truths!!!


It is my Solemn Belief through years of research that the 2020’s will rewrite history.

Pretty much everything we’ve been Led to Believe is Fake, False and Phony…


These Awarenesses and Common Sense dictates, We are most likely All praying to the Same Benevolent God and more United Globally than we’ve been allowed to realize. It’s not happenstance that ‘religions’ each think they are the only correct and Righteous one which exacerbates globalist efforts in keeping our world divided and fighting. Nothing new: The king and his advisor looking over the uprising at the castle gates; The advisor says to the king, all we have to do is convince the torch crowd that the pitchfork crowd wants to take their torches and they’ll forget all about us.


          Do the Research Religious and Other Devotees of the World is My Prayer🙏


I will gladly debate all this anytime, I do enjoy good Respectful Spirited Conversations.

As you see I can backup what I speak, much of which is also on my 4 sites.

Please do the research and prove me wrong, it’s all good…


Couple Great Common Sense Divinely Designed Health References: 


Hippocrates Health Institute Hippocrates Health Institute offers immersive programs to nourish you completely in Mind, Body and Spirit. Lay back in a hammock on our lush campus, relax during a holistic massage, move with yoga and fitness classes, learn in daily lectures and workshops, and enjoy chef prepared Nutrient Rich Raw Vegan Cuisine. Take the time to invest into your health and future. You're worth it.


The Real Truth About Health  Learn the Truth about Health, Nutrition, The Food System, The Medical System, and The Environment from the worlds top unbiased authors. Enjoy all the individual lectures and panel lectures from The Real Truth About Health Conferences that took place between 2012 and 2019.


      Love & Light…             Pastor Steve ‘GodMed'             Make It a Great Day…

GodMedSynergies.Life    ChurchofCommonSense.Life    CommonSenseWellness.Life



“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food.”  Hippocrates



“Nothing will Benefit Human Health and Increase the Chances for Survival of Life on Earth as much as the Evolution to a Vegetarian Diet.”  Albert Einstein



"The Doctor of the Future Will Give No Medicine, but will Interest his Patients in the Care of the Human Frame, in Diet and In The Cause and Prevention of Disease.”  Thomas Edison 



"The World as We Have Created It Is a Process of Our Thinking. It Cannot Be Changed Without Changing Our Thinking."  Albert Einstein

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