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If you've seen the 30-Day Challenge tab, studied the information, agree with what's being presented and would like to do more, please consider 

becoming a Common Sense Mentor. Create a home-based gathering of upto 12 others and start sharing one-on-one this Common Sense Knowledge. To be our best selves and better serve others we must 1st and foremost have Optimal Health. Just think if we'd all grown up being taught what our bodies are designed to eat and run on. The world would be a totally different place I think we'd all agree. What greater gift can one offer others than this knowledge? We could end most all dis-ease and illnesses, end hunger, cleaner environment, end animal suffering and soo much more.

Utilizing a plant based diet just makes sense when one understands our 

internal designs and the consequences when we are led astray by marketing, traditions, habits, our cravings, mis-guided teachings, etc. The vast public simply does not know how we are designed to fuel ourselves. People need to understand that: Everything we Eat, Think and Do is critical to our Health, Happiness, Mobility and Longevity. Mind, Body, Spirit in Balance.

As part of our free and inexpensive Sacraments program Mentors receive 18% credit at GodMedSynergies.Life based on the flow through their home-gathering circle.  More Mentorship benefits, click tab below.

Above Video:  Everybody agrees that mentorship is critical to the success of corporate companies and organizations, yet few discuss what should be done to improve their mentorship process. Kenneth Ortiz shares his thoughts and wisdom on what is needed to develop successful mentor relationships to raise up the next level of leaders around us.

Video tab below: Michael's focus is to empower the next generation of students through providing personalized education within a creative framework for students to flourish.

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