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Giving Voice to the Wisdom of the Ages 🤬🤬🤬


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The Jeshua Channelings speak about the rise of heart-based consciousness. 

The Jeshua Channelings are a series of spiritual messages about the transformation of consciousness in the present era. Humanity is growing towards a heart-based consciousness, acknowledging the oneness of all that lives and letting go of fear-based ways of thinking and living.

As you evolve into this new level of consciousness, a deep inner transformation takes place. Jeshua's channelings seek to support you in this process, offering guidance, inspiration and a clear perspective on where you are going.

Jeshua is the Aramaic name for Jesus. He prefers this name, as it better conveys his humanness and kinship with us. In these channelings, Jeshua presents himself as our brother and friend, who knows about the hardships of human existence and who wishes to lighten our burdens by sending us messages of love and hope.

Jeshua's messages shed light on our soul history and destination and they also deal with everyday issues such as relationships, health, work, and more. They are written in a clear and accessible language.


Lightworker Series ~ youtube 1-25

The New Earth, Parts 1-2

Lightworker, Parts 1-3

From Ego to Heart, Parts 1-4

Time, Multidimensionality and Your LightSelf

The Power of Your Own Consciousness

Cosmic Birthing Pain

Pitfalls on becoming a Healer

Letting go of Your Birth Family

Male and Female Energy

Dealing with Emotions

Sexuality and Spirituality

Work, Money and Creativity

Illness and Health

The Gatekeepers

Relationships in a New Era

The Children of the New Era

What Jeshua taught IS basically

Common Sense...


All beings are a spark of Light (soul) at One with God and remain eternally as they are created to be.

We are each fully responsible for how we use the Light to choose and thus attract precisely what we experience, and this power of choice is the most fundamental aspect of the radiant and sovereign soul.

God is Love, and Love does not condemn; there is no judgment.

All beings are to be forgiven and supported (if they are willing) to transform their orientation from fear to Love.

Only when we forgive, and then find ways to serve this 'Atonement' may we truly awaken to a full enlightenment and enter Mastery.

Forgiveness is not an intellectual gesture, but a radical transformation of one's being, best encapsulated in the Aramaic term, washwoklan: To return to Original Wholeness.

While our Union and Reality is unchanged, unchanging, and unchangeable, we have used our power of choice to imagine and create the experiences that flow from a belief that we have achieved Primal Separation.

This is the true meaning of 'hell'. Though often hidden, Separation engenders a Primal Guilt, the 'dysfunctional' sense of our inner being that gives birth to the myriad forms of psychological and behavioral sufferings of humanity.

Heaven, like hell, is a potentiality available to all beings willing to enter and go through the purification, healing, and waking process of enlightenment. Heaven is as equally 'here' as in any of the infinite realms of Light beyond this world. Sin is not a moral failing but a resistance to knowing and living this Light.

The Teachings are so profound and far-reaching that it just isn't possible to do them full justice except by exploring them for oneself.

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Life is short and not enough, as we all can see now...


BEing The Church Of Common Sense, This Makes Sense

After much research it simply makes sense that Jesus was a Mt. Carmel Essene. The school at Mt. Carmel was the continuation of Elijah's School of Prophets where he defeated 450 prophets of Baal and 400 of Asherah. One could say that the school at Mt. Carmel was for many centuries the culmination of Divine Spiritual Ascension Knowledge for our world. We know how much the modern day bible and Holy scriptures in general has been manipulated over the years and rarely for Benevolent reasons!!!

  • The Jewish historian Josephus, in a book written two thousand years ago, declares that the Essenes lived to an average age of over 100 years, many reaching the age of 120, and that was at a time when the average age of death of non-Essenes was 45!!!

  • When compared to All vertebrates on Earth our lifespan should average 120 years

The Mt. Carmel Essene's were extreme Vegetarians holding ALL Life Sacred, even Plant-Life; Essene Fruitarians eat only the part of a plant that can be eaten without killing the plant. Thus, not only the typical "fruits" can be eaten -- grapefruit, grapes, figs, dates, apples, etc. -- but also corn, squash, broccoli, spinach, almonds, sunflower seeds, AND ANY OTHER VEGETARIAN FOOD YOU CAN EAT WITHOUT KILLING THE PLANT.

The below information and videos are for the open-minded to say what if. What if we've been deliberately lied to and we mere humans can indeed develop the same abilities as Brother Jesus, just as He clearly states in John 14:12-14 we all could, should and would be DOing. The Quantum Energy Science of today now supports these abilities to heal as exampled in medicine-less hospitals in China (reference the Gregg Braden video on the main page). Whether you believe the hidden truths from the Vatican or Edgar Cayce's readings, or His words for today as the Way of Mastery offers, one has to admit that it all makes such perfect sense that Jesus/Jeshua/Yeshua would come through this type of devoted worshippers. And then be so well cared for, trained and guided by them throughout His Life.


Vastly expanding Hidden knowledge as did the Dead Sea Scrolls

An amazing discovery was made in 1923. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely was able to discover Essene documents in the secret archives of the Vatican. In his book The Discovery of the Essene Gospel of Peace, he tells the story of how two chess players helped him meet the renowned Msgr. Angelo Mercati, Prefect of the Vatican Archives. He told the Prefect of his desire to learn all he could of the Saint called Francis. He was allowed to research the vast 25 miles of bookshelves containing scrolls, parchments, paper manuscripts and codices. Within the labarinth he found an aramaic translation of The Essene Gospel of Peace as well as the The Essene Book of Revelation. His research led him to seek out the Benedictine monastary of Monte Cassino. He was allowed, because of a letter of Msgr. had written granting access to the large vitrines in the Scriptorium. There he found the original Hebrew codices of The Essene Gospel of Peace, the source for the Aramaic version found at the secret Vatican Archives. 


As were His Parents and Their Parents, the Inn Keepers, etc...

The ancient Essenes are considered by many to be the most amazing people to ever walk the earth!

They lived in many lands, including ancient Israel.

Wherever they lived, the common people always called them “The Healers”. The word ‘Essene’ comes from the Aramaic word ‘Assaya’, which means ‘Healer’. In Egypt, the Essenes were called ‘Therapeutae’, which means ‘Healer’ and is the origin of the word ‘Therapist’. Philo of Alexandria, in a book written two thousand years ago, wrote that the Essenes were not only the best healers of the body, but also of the mind and soul. In modern terms, they were ‘Holistic Healers’. Not only did they heal others, they also lived a healing lifestyle that allowed them to live to very advanced ages of 100-120 years, outsiders averaged only 45.

Essenes were the outgrowth of the periods of preparations from the teachings by Melchizedek as propagated by Elijah and other prophets for three hundred years. Their purpose was to set themselves aside to offer themselves to be in the direct line of choice for the coming of the promised one – the Messiah. They were preparing for and expecting this event, thus the name Essene means expectancy. Though there were different sects of Essenes, the Cayce readings focus on a particular group established by Elijah called the School of the Prophets situated on Mt. Carmel. Their studies included astrology, numerology, the return of individuals or reincarnation, and phrenology [the study of character analysis related to configurations of the skull]. They emphasized purity of body and mind, certain diets and communing with universal forces as expressed in nature. The use of intuition and the development of psychic ability was encouraged. Attention was given to dreams, visions and psychic experiences. They accepted both Jews and Gentiles. Men and women were considered as equals within the order even to the extent that a woman, Judy (reading 1472), was chosen as head of the Brotherhood at the time just preceding the entrance of the Messiah. She had been trained at the School of the Prophets and was a prophetess. Although the focus was on the Essenes at Carmel, another group was mentioned that was located on the way above Emmaus that “goeth down towards Jericho” on the northern coast from Jerusalem [Qumran?]. A woman

named Eloise (reading 1391), who had been trained at the School of the Prophets, was in

charge of that community. 

The Essenes knew from astrology and from observing the signs in the heavens (the relation of Polaris to the southern clouds) that this was the beginning of a new cycle – the Piscean age. Twelve maidens, young children of which Mary was one, were chosen to represent each of the tribes of Israel. These little girls went through very strict training for a number of years. A beautiful description is given as to how Mary was designated by an angel as the chosen one when she was about twelve years old. Mary’s further training, betrothal and marriage took place at Carmel. The events at the inn in Bethlehem are very different from those which have previously been presented. The inn keeper and his family were Essenes and were aware of what was to take place. The readings give a beautiful and inspiring account of this event. After the birth, when Joseph knew it was necessary for the family to go into Egypt, the Brotherhood prepared the way. The family traveled only at night. Their stay was near Alexandria. Mary and Josie studied in the library of Alexandria all the prophecies that had been given concerning the birth of Jesus. Josie was the maiden chosen by the Brotherhood to assist Mary and the child. When it was safe to return, after about four and one half years, the family went to Capernaum, where Jesus later began His ministry. 

Jesus developed as a normal child. He was taught by Mary and Josie in the home, and by Judy, head of the Essenes, at Carmel. He was trained in the tenets of the Brotherhood as well as in Mosaic law and in ancient teachings of the east from Persia, India and Egypt. Judy determined where Jesus would travel and study. In His teens, He first went to Persia, then to India and finally to an Essene school in Egypt. Jesus remained in Egypt until His final initiation in the Great Pyramid in the same rites as were set 10,500 years previously during the time of Ra Ta in Egypt. Then Jesus returned to Palestine and was baptized by His cousin, John, who had also trained in Egypt and was initiated in the Pyramid. John had returned before Jesus to prepare the way for Him. The Essenes continued during Jesus’ lifetime but how long after that is not given. Though their purpose had been fulfilled with the coming of the Master, the School of the Prophets may have remained as a school to study the tenets and practices of the Brotherhood and the teachings of the east. The Master came when the cycle changed to the Piscean age. This is the beginning of a new cycle, the Aquarian age. It is prophesied that He will come again in this age, not as one born but will appear in the flesh to walk and talk with those of every clime. We can be present day Essenes to help hasten that day by practicing kindness, mercy, patience, the fruits of the spirit and by living that which Jesus taught -- to love God

with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself. We must seek to know Him within our own hearts before we may expect to know Him when He walks the earth again in the flesh to call His own by name...

The Essene Quest for Spiritual Knowledge Unites Benevolent Religions and should be our Quest as well...

The Science of how Jesus, the Essenes and others Did/Do Miracles

Every Human lives in 3 Worlds at the same time. We live in the World of Thought, We Live in the World of Feeling and the World of Emotion. When these 3 become ONE, then when you say to the Mountain Move, the Mountain Will Move!!!

Gregg Braden describes what the Ancients have always known. The lost mode of Prayer: Feeling Based Prayer; Continual Connection to Source, to God, the All that Is. One must present the Prayer as Thankfully Already Done, Not as Asking. Not seeing the Sickness, Only the Wellness Within.


This is the Secret to not only the Divine Healing of Ourselves and Others but More Importantly,

The Method to Bring Peace to Our World!!!

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